Wrapping things up

It is hard to believe we only have just over 36 hours left in Graz! Early Friday morning we will be saying some hard goodbyes to our amazing hosts in Graz, and heading on to our next adventures in Klagenfurt/Wörthersee and the Gesäuse (‘ga-zoy-za’) National Park. We’ve had several highlights in our last week in Graz.

Last week Thursday we enjoyed an afternoon outside in the city playing beach soccer on the Freiheitsplatz, which has been transformed over the last few weeks into a full-size beach volleyball / beach soccer area. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone dive right in with such enthusiasm. A great indication of the kind of energy and excitement we all hope to see in the Gesäuse!

Last week Friday we spent a full day hiking, touring an old fortress in Riegersburg, and indulging in an all-you-can-taste tour at the Zotter Chocolate Factory. It was an exhausting day, but we all left with full hearts, full bellies, and bags full of chocolate for home (spoiler alert!)

Currently we are putting the final polishing touches on our farewell show for the host families tomorrow evening. The students really flexed their creative muscles here and came up with a fantastic and funny program – Bergsteiger Bingo, an all-encompassing quiz show that showcases several of the things we’ve learned and loved during our time here. Pictures to follow! It will be difficult saying goodbye to so many generous, thoughtful, and loving people; these host families really are the reason this summer has been going so well. For our part, we instructors can’t imagine a better group, and we’ve heard from nearly all the students that they don’t want to leave yet. We’re all looking forward to having tomorrow night to show them just how much we’ve enjoyed being here.

**One important note: In the Gesäuse National Park we will likely not have very reliable internet access. We will continue to update the blog as regularly and thoroughly as is possible, but it may be especially difficult to load pictures. So you’re up to date: on Saturday we will begin the activities at the Free Life sports camp, starting with white water rafting. The three following days will be taken up with geocaching, team building activities, and raft-building. On Wednesday we will continue on to Vienna for the last leg of the trip.



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